Bold Steps Forward.

By joining forces with outstanding researchers from Tel Aviv University, Lisbon University and University of Copenhagen, we aim to develop a high-speed technology for vaccine production, and thus, contribute to the ground-breaking progress made via mRNA vaccine technology. Application to Horizon EUROPE Pathfinder programme is currently pending. We are excited to report on the outcome of the evaluation.

European Consortium for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

ECCPM was founded to address the challenges of transferring Continuous Manufacturing (CM) concepts from R&D to production scale.

The consortium serves as a platform for companies and academic institutions to share knowledge and best practices, and develop a collective vision on CM. We do this through regular, pre-competitive workshops and forums where we address the challenges we face when implementing a CM process or a product development process based on CM.
To define the contextualization of CM within the pharmaceutical industry, we have chosen a practical “use cases” approach that focuses on the investigation, development and implementation of continuous manufacturing strategies for solid oral dosage forms.
The knowledge and issues generated out of the use cases set the direction for the theme definition of the yearly ECCPM Forum. The Forum is open to attendees from all pharmaceutical organizations and features key note lectures on relevant industrial and scientific topics.
A new member is allowed to join the consortium upon agreement of all existing and active partners.

“It is predicted that manufacturing will change in the next 25 years as current manufacturing practices are abandoned in favour of cleaner, flexible, more efficient continuous manufacturing.”

Dr. Janet Woodcock – AAPS Annual meeting, October 2011

The structure of ECCPM